My name is Frank Kuhn. Recently, I finished my PhD thesis at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. My dissertation focuses on electronic citizen participation at the local level. The text also deals with e-voting, e-parties and e-protest. It is written in German. Please find the English abstract on the journal page.

With this site, I would like to introduce and describe my research interests revolving around politics and new media. Initially, the rise of the internet has inspired high hopes among many commentators that the information, communication and networking opportunities provided by new media might help to revive political interest and civic engagement.

These expectations have cooled down over the years. But to a good end - at least in my opinion :-) Instead of promising nothing short of revolutionary developments, scientific discussion is moving on towards a more empirical perspective on e-democracy. Researchers tend to look more at what is actually done e.g. in the field electronic participation. Countless projects are currently under way around the world, trying to experiment with technical opportunities to improve democracy in various ways.

Elektronische Partizipation. Digitale Möglichkeiten - Erklärungsfaktoren - Instrumente :: front

Elektronische Partizipation. Digitale Möglichkeiten - Erklärungsfaktoren - Instrumente :: back

Frank Kuhn, M.A.

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